• Legal Weed is Coming to New Jersey
    “When you look at the numbers including the population of New Jersey and the areas around it you’re talking about a market about the size of California,” said Leslie Bocskor at Electrum Partners.  MORE
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    Finance in the Cannabis Industry
    "Standing still and watching potential tourism revenue go elsewhere will put additional pressure on non-legal states to reevaluate their stance on prohibition," said Leslie Bocskor, President of Electrum Partners.  MORE
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    Why Industrial Hemp Could Prove a Larger Economic Driver...
    "Back in May, Leslie Bocskor, investment banker and president of cannabis advisory firm Electrum Partners, explained why hemp could be the future of plastics." MORE
  • Cannabis Grower Buys California Town to Build Pot-Friendly...
    “But before we blink, it will soon outpace other niche affinity travel like wine", said Pamela Johnston, senior vice president at Electrum Partners.  MORE
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    Nevada Marijuana Emergency Shows The Real Size Of America...
    “The massive preexisting market will likely be exceeded by new consumers. As this is normalized, the adult use market will evolve into a combination of wellness, functional supplements, and recreational." MORE
  • Leslie Bocskor: Nevada 'Best Regulatory Framework in...
    "By having a regulated market, we’re making sure that we’re not sending money out of the country to criminal organizations. That’s what resonates for me." MORE
  • Former Seminole chief to help other tribes grow legal weed
    "The real issue is the structure that makes sure you do this in a way to make sure you don't have an issue from a regulatory perspective," said Leslie Bocskor, President of Electrum Partners.  MORE
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    Florida Seminole Chief Joins Cannabis Rush
    “It is probably the single most significant change and opportunity that exists in the legal cannabis industry today and for the foreseeable future,” said Leslie Bocskor, President of Electrum Partners.  MORE
  • Seminole Leader Jim Billie Joins Florida Cannabis Rush
    “It’ll probably be the biggest economic development opportunity for a Native American community that we’ve ever seen," said Leslie Bocskor, President of Electrum Partners.  MORE
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    Former Seminole chief Billie to leverage sovereign land in...
    “It is probably the single most significant change and opportunity that exists in the legal cannabis industry today and for the foreseeable future,” said Leslie Bocskor, President of Electrum Partners.  MORE
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    Seminole-owned business strikes deal with marijuana-...
    “We’ve been speaking with [MCW] for almost two years now. We’ve seen them develop their model along side of us and through us at times. That gave us a high degree of comfort," said Leslie Bocskor, President of Electrum... MORE
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    Medical Cannabis Finds an Eager Market In Floridian Retirees
    “Florida will likely produce some of the best market testing for the older age groups,” said Pamela Johnston, SVP of Electrum Partners. MORE
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    GB Sciences, Inc Announces The Appointment of Mr. Leslie...
    "I'm incredibly encouraged by the strides that we have already made with GB Sciences in advancing the State of biomedical research in cannabis for human health," stated Leslie Bocskor, Vice Chairman of GB Sciences, Inc. MORE
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    Why Hemp Could Be The Future Of Plastics
    “Hemp is far less controversial than marijuana. So, it’s hard to understand why it isn’t supported by the U.S. government, to help remediate the soil and add to the crop rotation, and even help the farmers," said Leslie... MORE
  • In a Milestone Vote, ASTM Welcomes the Cannabis Industry
    “Having the [self-regulatory] body that have the buy-in of the industry is key, is critical. It will have to be a not-for-profit, I imagine, said Leslie Bocskor, President of Electrum Partners.  MORE
  • $1 Billion In Marijuana Taxes Is Addictive To State...
    "The discovered revenue from regulated legal cannabis markets can be a lifesaver to local law enforcement, substance abuse counseling and other social services,” said Leslie Bocskor of Electrum Partners.  MORE
  • How to Pick the Right Marijuana Stocks
    "A number of business and regulatory issues have converged to create a market where the investment banks that used to exist on a regional basis, creating a national ecosystem no longer exist," said Leslie Bocskor,... MORE
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    Downtown Is Slowly Becoming a Green Light District
    “We’re going to look back at this moment as a key turning point for the state and the country,” said Leslie Bocskor, President of Electrum Partners.  MORE
  • Gottlieb Should Consider Cannabis As He Makes Opioids His...
    “The evidence that cannabis is effective at treating chronic pain is especially important since pain accounts for a majority of the participants in medical cannabis programs,” said Leslie Bocskor, President and... MORE
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    Eight Reasons That Investors Are Backing Cannabis Startups
    "Quick valuation shifts are taking place in a very compressed time period," says Leslie Bocskor, president of Electrum Partners.  MORE
  • How Much Tax Revenue Do Legal Cannabis Sales Generate?
    “Imagine how much wealth will be staying in our country which is currently exiting, going to cartels in other countries, leaving our economy, ”  said Leslie Bocskor, president of Electrum... MORE
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    Marijuana Stocks: How CEO's Can Navigate Market...
    "“They [Growblox] are working on a number of different things. They have exposure to both a medical marijuana market in Nevada, and the adult use market in Nevada." said Leslie Bocskor, President of Electrum Partners.... MORE
  • U.S. Cannabis Market to Generate $2.3 Billion in Tax...
    "Establishing policy that can cross the nexus of political needs, policy needs and business needs is considerably more difficult than most realize," said Leslie Bocskor, Founder and President of Electrum Partners. MORE
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    Rule number one of marketing marijuana: Avoid stoner clichés
    "When you think about a cannabis product or service, it doesn't lend itself to all of your traditional types of advertising and marketing," Pamela Johnston, Senior Vice President at Electrum Partners told CNBC.com. MORE
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    Leslie Bocksor interviewed on KUSI News San Diego
    "When you have regulated markets, the stakeholders that have those businesses have to keep it out of the hands of kids." MORE
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    FOX5 News San Diego - City council considers recreational...
    "What it means for San Diego is that you will start to see a regulated market that is providing jobs, creating tax revenue and getting it out of the hands of kids," MORE
  • Nevada expected to have big, highly regulated rec MJ...
    “Cannabis-friendly vacation rentals are something that we’re going to see a very big explosion of in Nevada,” predicted Leslie Bocskor, founder of Las Vegas-based cannabis consulting firm Electrum Partners. MORE
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    Cannabis Industry 2016 Year-end Review with Leslie Bocskor...
    In this video, Stock News Now spoke with Leslie Bocskor, President of Electrum Partners, LLC at the LD Micro "Main Event" 2016 in Bel Air, CA. MORE
  • Marijuana Industry Bullish on State Success, Trump...
    "There's going to be so much job creation as a result of the legal cannabis industry, it's going to eclipse any other industry in the United States in the years to come that I can see," said Leslie Bocskor,... MORE
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    No, Las Vegas Is Not Embracing Legal Weed with Open Arms
    "It's obviously the fastest growing industry in the United States, and Nevada could really use the jobs it's going to create," says Leslie Bocskor, president of Electrum Partners, a firm that advises investors in the... MORE
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    As California Votes to Legalize Weed, The Drug's Tech...
    “We’re seeing a substantial overlap between cannabis and technology, which is fueled partially by cultural similarities and previous overlap,” said Leslie Bocskor, president of Las Vegas-based Electrum Partners.... MORE
  • Pot Is on the Ballot in Election 2016, but Investors Should...
    "You're starting to see some well-run publicly-traded companies, it is absolutely historic in scope," said Leslie Bocskor, president and managing member at Electrum Partners, a cannabis advisory firm.  MORE
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    Investors are Poised for a Pot Boom
    “They just can’t play while it’s federally illegal,” said Leslie Bocskor, who advises cannabis companies through his consulting firm Electrum Partners.  MORE
  • Marijuana On The Ballot: State By State Opportunities For...
    “The passage of Question 2 will also provide tax revenues to improve the educational system in Nevada, one of the lowest ranked in the country,” said Leslie Bocskor, President of Electrum Partners, a Nevada-based... MORE
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    Miracle-Gro's Stocks Are Skyrocketing Thanks to Legal...
    “Scotts is one of the only public companies you can play to actually participate in the growth of the industry,” financial adviser Leslie Bocskor told the San Luis Obispo Tribune. MORE
  • Scotts Miracle-Gro Surges as Market’s Darling for Legal Pot
    “Scotts is one of the only public companies you can play to actually participate in the growth of the industry,” Bocskor said.  MORE
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    Don't Let Emotions, Positive Or Negative, Fuel '...
    At the best of times investing is challenging. It requires discipline, patience, attention to detail, and an emotional detachment from the investment itself. Often, when in rooms of investors and entrepreneurs, we find... MORE
  • The Private Side of Cannabis
    By 2020, adult use and medical marijuana sales are projected to grow to over $22 billion, according to ArcView Market Research and New Frontier, a research firm focused on legal cannabis. Historical data and... MORE
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    Cannabis Cash Concerns
    Leslie Bocskor, Electrum Partners, shares his expertise on legal marijuana, and the banking regulation problems that come with it. MORE
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    How Big Alcohol is About to Get Rich Off California Weed
    “The ones who are not evolving are the ones who lose,” warns Leslie Bocskor, who has been called “the Warren Buffett” of the cannabis industry.    MORE
  • Tech start-ups hope for marijuana sales growth
    "We are going to see the legal cannabis industry create, tailor to and adapt technology for agriculture, plant compound extraction, security and finance," said Leslie Bocskor, a funds manager who focuses on marijuana... MORE
  • Marijuana businesses find card processing still elusive
    "There is no credit card processing to my understanding at this time that is legitimate," says Leslie Bocskor, managing partner at Electrum Partners LLC, a boutique consulting firm in Las Vegas specializing in the... MORE
  • Cannabis Conferences are growing like weeds
    Leslie Bocskor, Managing Partner of Electrum Partners is a frequent conference speaker. He said, “We’re about to see the breadth and depth of these conferences increase dramatically.” But he warned, “If these... MORE
  • Pensions Are Taking the Long, Lonely Road to Retirement
    "We've discovered that pensions are anything but a guarantee of retirement income," says investment banker Leslie Bocskor, founder and managing partner of Electrum Partners in Las Vegas. No crystal ball exists for a... MORE
  • Marijuana could be a $35 billion market by 2020
    Analysts attribute the growth in sales to a variety of factors, primarily the conversion of a long-existing black market to a regulated one. “We’ve never had an industry that was a black market industry of this size,”... MORE
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    Green Rush: Cannabis Legalization
    An audio interview of Electrum Partners' President, Leslie Bocskor on the investment opportunities in legal cannabis. MORE
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    Mentor Capital Inc (OTCMKTS:MNTR) Ensuring The Growth Of...
    The company has also boosted their investment in Electrum Partners LLC with a second tranche of $100,000.  MORE
  • Native American Tribes Eye Lucrative Marijuana Market
    “When you put hemp plastic into landfill, it will break down into things that are not damaging, at worst, and, at best, it can be additive to the soil it’s put into,” said Leslie Bocskor, President of Electrum Partners. MORE
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    Bigger than Bingo: Seminole Chief Jim Billie on his new...
    Florida, living legend, James E. Billie, former Chief of the Seminole Tribe of Florida and reputed alligator wrestler, is advising new state medical cannabis industry entrepreneurs to start their start-ups on Indian... MORE
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    Native Americans look to Cash in on Tax-Free Marijuana...
    “We believe in tribal sovereignty and its advantages for tribal economic development, thus by adding tribal sovereignty as an economic advantage, we simply decrease the cost and increase the profits for every business... MORE
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    Native Americans Look to Cash in On Tax-Free Marijuana...
    “Investors, cannabis industry entrepreneurs, and American Indian tribal governments have reason to rejoice over a 50%-60% competitive advantage in cash flow and federal taxes,” said Electrum Partners President, Leslie... MORE
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    Tribal-Owned Grow Operations And Casinos Could Dramatically...
    Last week Nevada-based Electrum Partners and MCW partnered to help assist Native American tribes across country in establishing medical marijuana ventures. MORE
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    New Frontier Data CEO On Collective Effort Behind Marijuana...
    Back in November, during a conversation with Benzinga, The ArcView Group’s CEO Troy Dayton explained why he conceived cannabis legalization as a collective effort — a perspective with quite the stick... MORE
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    Seminole-owned business strikes deal with marijuana-...
    In a move that could have major implications for the medical marijuana industry, a Seminole-owned company is taking the first step toward setting up marijuana-growing operations on Native American land. MORE
  • Pot Casino? Native American Tribe Sparks Marijuana Business...
    “Investors, cannabis industry entrepreneurs and American Indian tribal governments have reason to rejoice over a 50%-60% competitive advantage in cash flow and federal taxes,” said Leslie Bocskor, President of Electrum... MORE
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    Leslie Bocskor: Advisor in unsettled market place
    There’s enormous opportunity for Delaware, Bocskor said, if adult use is legalized before Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Realistically, the state could find itself serving people from many states when... MORE
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    Cannabis Industry Annual Report Reveals Medical Cannabis...
    "The market does not just hold grand potential, the data points to the potentials in our evolving landscape that make business intelligence so critical in making good decisions," said Leslie Bocskor, Founder and... MORE
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    Nevada Medical Cannabis Patient Growth Bounces Back
    "There was and still is a lack of clarity as to when and how recreational cannabis will be available," said Leslie Bocskor, President of Electrum Partners.  MORE
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    Legal Outlook Promising for Medical Cannabis Research
    "We now have a path for clinical trials to be done on a state basis," said Leslie Bocskor, CEO of Electrum Partners, a cannabis advisory firm that sponsored the report (free registration required).  MORE
  • Innovations Abound in Cannabis, Despite Regulation.
    "Investors can feel comfortable that best practices yield best results while allowing for the innovation in agriculture that we see developing will also apply to the commercial agricultural industry at large." Leslie... MORE
  • Trump Anxiety Cancels Florida Expo. Is it Blip or a...
    "Those who wait and see will be left behind," Leslie Bocskor, President of Electrum Partners told Leafly. MORE
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    What We Learned at the "Innovation in the Cannabis...
    “Flying the plane while putting it together,” is how Pamela Johnston from Electrum Partners likened the regulatory environment around the industry. MORE
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    Maine Legalization Recount Scheduled to Start Dec. 1
    “The Maine market is extremely exciting because they’ve done a very good job developing their medical marijuana market,” stated Leslie Bocskor, president of cannabis consulting firm Electrum Partners. MORE
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    8 More States Legalize Marijuana: Will Donald Trump Let It...
    Leslie Bocskor, the president and founder of Electrum Partners, called the future leader of the U.S., “a boogie man of unparalleled size and fearsomeness to the legal cannabis industry.”  MORE
  • Marijuana Industry Bullish on State Success, Trump...
    "What I think [lawmakers] are going to do is to create a fast track for medical to offer limited amounts to recreational to make sure they don't create a more robust black market until regulations take effect," said... MORE
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    Election Day Results for Cannabis: California, Nevada,...
    “We are going to see a diverse approach from the irrationally exuberant to the sophisticated and experienced investor and entrepreneur getting involved, creating businesses and investing in the industry that will create... MORE
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    The Maine Event
    “I think [Northeastern states] are all very appealing to investors because they’re new markets that represent a lot of opportunity,” said Leslie Bocskor, President of Electrum Partners. MORE
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    Pot startups flying high with California poised to legalize...
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    Publicly-Traded Cannabis Companies Continue to Build...
    Bocskor believes that the access to capital for publicly-traded cannabis companies will improve significantly after the November elections.  MORE
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    Pennsylvania's medical marijuana rollout a slow process
    Leslie Bocskor, a Nevada-based marijuana industry consultant, said Pennsylvania is on track to set the standard for comprehensive medical marijuana programs. MORE
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    Cannabis and Hemp Association Opens Upstate NY Chapter
    "Nevada had $400 million spent on infrastructure just for a 20,000 patient market,” said Pamela Johnston, senior vice president for strategy and special projects.  MORE
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    Burning Questions: If Question 2 Passes, How Might Nevada...
     “This could be one of the best things we’ve seen happen for education in Nevada in decades,” Bocskor says MORE
  • Cannabis Experts on Question 2, Nevada's Legalization...
    Nevada, should we say Yes to Question 2 in November, will join a handful of states in the U.S. which legally enjoy both medical and adult use (recreational) cannabis. This is good for Nevadans as well as tourists,... MORE
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    Oakland conference focuses on budding reltionship between...
    "This year will be the tipping point that we look back on and say, 'That was the moment in history when everything changed,'" Bocskor said. MORE
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    How Banks are keeping the Black Market Alive in the...
    So here’s a head scratcher. Even with fully regulated, legal cannabis in several markets, the black market persists. Why is that? MORE
  • Budding Business
    Adam Cohen, senior vice president of business development at Electrum Partners, a consulting firm for the cannabis industry, thinks those tax revenues could benefit residents on a number of levels. “One of the... MORE
  • Will California Go Green?
    Leslie Bocskor is the founder of Electrum Partners in Las Vegas, a company that advises businesses in the medical and recreational marijuana industry. A former investment banker and keen supporter of... MORE
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    How IT is fueling the budding cannabis industry
    "High margins can cover up a lot of mistakes," Bocskor said. "Businesses can't get comfortable -- they need to start using best practices regardless of their profitability, and technology is a big part of that." MORE
  • Marijuana industry ditches burnout image for “suit and tie...
    "It’s such a major signpost we’re passing,” said Leslie Bocskor of Electrum Partners. “I expect in four years we will be at the RNC.” MORE
  • Vegas business gets serious about growing legal marijuana
    "Almost everyone who applied for a cultivation license got approved," says Leslie Bocskor, founding chairman of the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association and president of the Electrum Partners advisory firm. “... MORE
  • Regulatory-palooza' hashes out details in Pa. medical...
    Leslie Bocskor, a marijuana industry consultant from Nevada, said Pennsylvania should allocate one of the 150 dispensary permits to each county and then distribute the rest based on population and geography. "Make... MORE
  • Californians seek pot of gold in marijuana legalization
    I don't believe there will be any precedent in the United States that can compare to it except for maybe the Gold Rush," said Leslie Bocskor, whose Nevada-based private equity firm, Electrum Partners, advises and... MORE
  • There's a new gold rush in California as investors...
    Southern California has been seeing a tremendous amount of activity, particularly in the Coachella Valley area," said Leslie Bocskor, president of Electrum Partners, a cannabis-based advisory firm based in Las Vegas. He... MORE
  • California voters may legalize marijuana in November; would...
    “The entire industry is going to be reshaped and recreated … and I think it’s going to have reverberations across the country,” said Leslie Bocskor of the cannabis investment and advising firm Electrum Partners. "As... MORE
  • 5 Cannabis Executives Give Their Thoughts on Client...
    Electrum Partners provides advisory and consulting services specializing in the legal cannabis industry in the United States. "The key to getting clients in the cannabis industry isn't about pitching, so much as it's... MORE
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    A profile in courage: Banking on cannabis
    Former investment banker Leslie Bocskor is the founder of Electrum Partners, an advisory services firm specializing in medical and recreational cannabis and ancillary businesses. He is also founding chairman of the... MORE
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    Finding balance in the emerging cannabis industry
    Leslie Bocskor, president of Electrum Partners, said at the conference that the culture and values behind the legalization movement serve as an underpinning for future decision making. "It's not always what makes the... MORE
  • Crowdfunding Now Viable Financing Option for Cannabis...
    Bocskor of Electrum Partners noted that, in general, businesses previously had to rely on “rich relatives or angel or venture networks.” Now they have an alternative. “In the cannabis industry, that is an incredibly... MORE
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    Will Canada become America's cannabis capital?
    “If Canada does that they’re going to be moving the needle on global policy, and that global policy will just apply more pressure to policy makers in the United States to make the right decisions,” said Leslie Bocskor,... MORE
  • Leslie Bocskor On The Cannabis Industry's Potential...
    Leslie Bocskor is an investment banker and founder of Electrum Partners, an advisory services firm specializing in medical and recreational cannabis, and ancillary businesses. Bocskor was recently named most... MORE
  • More than pipe dreams at Philly pot conference
    "This eclipses the birth of the internet," said panelist Leslie Bocskor, an investment banker. "This is the greatest entrepreneurial opportunity we've seen in generations." Bocskor predicted that by 2020, marijuana... MORE
  • The changing medical cannabis industry in the United States...
    “What is holding the cannabis industry back in the United States is policy makers,” said Bocskor. “They are over-regulating and are making it difficult for patients to get medications.” MORE
  • Tomorrow At Interphex – From Seed To Solution With Leaps In...
    Leslie Bocskor is one of the biggest champions for the cannabis plant that there is on the planet today as far as I’m concerned. I have met him on several occasions now, and I am always left feeling better about not... MORE
  • How to Invest in Nasdaq-Traded Marijuana Stocks and Private...
    For public companies, some of the best research comes from Alan Brochstein, who runs 420 Investor, an investment research site focused on the marijuana industry, said Leslie Bocskor, managing partner of Electrum... MORE
  • 10 Exciting New Developments in Cannabis Science
    Global stakeholders recently gathered at the recent Cannabis Science & Policy Summit organized by NYU’s Marron Institute of Urban Management and BOTEC Analysis Corporation to discuss exciting new developments in the... MORE
  • Why Leslie Bocskor is Bullish on the Nevada Cannabis Market...
    Leslie has seen dramatic changes in the industry over the past four years, with more sophistication and higher quality due diligence at the ArcView meetings he attends. He also cites the rapidly growing new entrants to... MORE
  • Leslie Bocskor: Marijuana's Wild-Eyed Prophet of Profit
    Every industry has its titan. Oil had its Rockefeller. Steel had its Carnegie. Auto had its Ford. Tech had its Gates and Jobs. And as cannabis emerges from the shadows of prohibition and establishes itself as a... MORE
  • Eveything you need to know about investing in cannabis
    Leslie Bocskor, a former investment banker and founder of Electrum Partners, a consultancy firm that specializes in assisting businesses in the cannabis arena, says, “The cannabis industry is no different than the... MORE
  • The Master of High Finance
    Leslie Bocskor began his career in investment banking, but developed an interest in disruptive industries—the Internet in the ’90s, online gaming in “the aughts” and now the legal cannabis industry. His firm, Electrum... MORE
  • How a Top Cannabis Investor Looks at Your Company
    Since entering the cannabis space in 2013, Leslie Bocskor and his Las Vegas-based investment firm, Electrum Partners, have become high-profile oracles, investors, and advisers. It’s not just because... MORE
  • What Do Rich People Know That the Rest of Us Don't?
    Leslie Bocskor, a partner with consulting firm Electrum Partners, also notes a difference between rich and poor. "Wealthy people don’t smell of desperation when it comes to spending and investing, and that... MORE
  • Elevating the conversation with Leslie Bocskor
    Leslie Bocskor is a managing partner of Electrum Partners, founding chairman of the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association, and a member of ArcView Angel Investor Network. Having worked on the investment side of the... MORE
  • The 2015 Weed Blog Award Winners
    CEO of the Year – Leslie Bocskor, CEO of Electrum Partners. Electrum Partners provides business solutions to cannabis companies (very much an oversimplification, but for a more comprehensive explanation, check... MORE
  • Leslie Bocskor Named ArcView’s ‘Outstanding Member’ of the...
    The ArcView Group, one of the best known investment groups focusing on marijuana investments in the United States, has named Leslie Bocskor, the CEO of Electrum Partners, as an “Outstanding Investor Member” of 2015... MORE
  • 10 Investment Predictions for 2030
    "By 2030, we will likely be funding off-Earth exploration in the spirit of the Dutch East India company," says Leslie Bocskor, founder and managing partner of Electrum Partners. MORE
  • How 8 investors got their starts
    "In 1976-'77, when I was 12, I bought about $60 of Fireball candy and Bubble Yum wholesale and began selling it retail in school," says Leslie Bocskor, founder and managing partner of Electrum Partners in Las Vegas. "At... MORE
  • Nevada marijuana businesses face banking challenges
    “All-cash industries increase the likelihood of mischief,” said Leslie Bocskor, managing partner at Las Vegas-based marijuana advisory firm Electrum Partners. “I’ve been surprised that there have been very few robberies... MORE
  • The audacious rebranding of the marijuana industry
    Ultimately, says investor Leslie Bocskor, marijuana will follow a pattern similar to that in the tech industry. Computers used to be used mainly by scientists, giving rise to an intense ... MORE
  • IMJ interview with Leslie Bocskor from Electrum Partners
    We (Electrum Partners) were part of 16 different applications (actually more than that, 16 we provided a minimum of the strategies and brought many, if not all, of the team members together). 6 applications were for... MORE
  • Native American tribes are looking to cash in on the legal...
    Leslie Bocskor, a co-founder of Electrum Partners, a consulting firm that advises marijuana businesses, said in an interview with VICE that marijuana businesses on tribal land could also potentially escape the steep tax... MORE
  • A New York 420 frame of mind: State moves cautiously on...
    "The world has never seen a business this big that was black-market become white-market," said Leslie Bocskor, managing partner of cannabis consulting firm Electrum Partners, in a Crain's New York Business article... MORE
  • This is what legalized pot looks like in New York
    "The world has never seen a business this big that was black-market become white-market," said Leslie Bocskor, managing partner of Las Vegas-based cannabis consulting firm Electrum Partners. He expects to open a... MORE
  • Washington State Legislators Mull Complete Ban of Marijuana...
    Leslie Bocskor, founding chairman of the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association, concurs. "Banning of pot vending machines is simply a decision at this early stage to have as much human control as possible," he... MORE
  • Cannabis-related hedge fund prepares to launch after SEC...
    Have you realized how unique the legal cannabis space is, yet? Have you taken note of the opportunity there is at hand for you to make a positive and powerful impact on the world? Leslie Bocskor, Managing Partner of... MORE
  • Native Americans debate the legal marijuana business
    Some investors are waiting for tribes to give them the green light. "People are saying this is going to be bigger than bingo," said Leslie Bocskor of Electrum Partners. His firm would like to help tribes set up a... MORE
  • Cannabis-related hedge fund prepares to launch after SEC...
    Electrum Partners’ Leslie Bocskor along with his partner Gordon Katz have filed paperwork with the SEC to launch a cannabis-related hedge fund. Placement agents are aiming to raise $25 million. “Our approach... MORE
  • Proposed bill makes weed research, trade easier
    Right now everyone's turning a blind eye to where the seeds and [plants] come from," cannabisindustry adviser Leslie Bocskor previously told Crain's. "They're all coming from the black market." MORE
  • This I-Banker just so happens to be a passionate pot...
    Leeslie Bocskor is a successful investment banker. He’s also the founder of the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association as well as Electrum Partners, a consulting firm that helps businesses acquire medical... MORE
  • Leslie Bocskor searches for gold in NY pot
    "The industry is at such an early stage, there is opportunity in every sector of it, even technology. I just had a meeting with a tech company named PotBiotics. They're using an EEG to record brain activity in real... MORE
  • A new kind of dental high-giene: cannabis toothpaste
    "My guess is they'll reinvent themselves in six months," said Leslie Bocskor, a managing partner at Electrum Partners, which advises legal cannabis products. "Or they could take themselves private. That would be a... MORE
  • How genetics is reshaping the marijuana industry
    The financial worth of its genetic information, says Leslie Bocskor, a managing partner at Electrum Partners, a consulting firm focused on the pot industry, will be “in the hundreds of millions of dollars without a... MORE
  • Medical marijuana booming as Nevada legislature begins
    "There are a number of topics I have heard that are going to be brought up at Legislature," said Leslie Bocskor, the chairman of the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association. Bocskor said the number of dispensaries could... MORE
  • Tribal Marijuana Businesses May Hurt Existing Cannabis...
    “There’s likelihood they’ll have an enormous competitive advantage,”  said Leslie Bocskor, managing partner at the Las Vegas-based investment banking firm Electrum Partners and chairman of the Nevada Cannabis... MORE
  • Real Estate Investors Evaluate the Lay of the Legal Pot...
    “The challenge would be putting a team together that had real estate experience, including former REIT operators who know the complexities of the cannabis real estate market, in order to structure the REIT vehicle in a... MORE
  • Marijuana is still illegal by federal law, but this venture...
    According to Bocskor, one of the best indicators that the federal government won’t start cracking down on marijuana is a recent memo from the Department of Justice regarding Native American reservations in the... MORE
  • New funding for Privateer highlights marijuana's...
    “This highlights a change that’s going on in the market,” says Leslie Bocskor, an investment banker and entrepreneur who is the founding chairman of the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association and managing... MORE
  • Where The Warren Buffett of Cannabis is Investing in 2015,...
    I like to look at the industry as six separate segments and we’re interested in every one of them. We are interested in businesses that are in the recreational cannabis industry, and that would be cultivation,... MORE
  • Regulation Is Squeezing Out Potrepreneurs, Clearing the...
    "Nevada has a history of setting up regulatory frameworks for industries that were once viewed as taboo," he says. Bocskor, a dapper former investment banker with a long door-knocker beard and the bushy eyebrows of a... MORE
  • Nevada cracking door to marijuana tourism
    "I think it's going to be fantastic for the industry and the visitors," said Leslie Bocskor, a marijuana investor and founding chairman of the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association. "It's a step to treat this just a... MORE
  • Nevada group turns in twice as many signatures as needed to...
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