Providing support across multiple disciplines, we develop strategies that help you make the cut, ensuring your business is on a strong foundation; technically primed and strategically competitive, while supporting your vision with experienced operators and tactics.


    Electrum Partners’ unrivaled macro-vision and micro-understanding will help you make the difficult decisions that materialize into success. We know what good looks like and offer strategic guidance to accelerate your expansion.


    Be prepared for volatility and armed with proven strategies to successfully navigate the complex challenges that can threaten the value of your enterprise. Our full suite of dynamic tactics for issues management and crisis communications provides advanced protection and critical services in real-time.




Our reputation is earned from real-world experience and industry knowledge which enable our unique ability to see what comes next.  We bring clarity and focus to an industry notorious for uncertainty and a competitive edge to those looking to lift their business to a higher standard.

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    11 things Jeff Sessions has done and will likely do to take...
    “When we look back on this day in years to come, one of the big factors will be separating the dedicated from the dilettantes of who is building this industry," said Leslie Bocskor, President of Electrum Partners. READ MORE
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    Did Jeff Sessions Just Increase the Odds Congress Will Make...
    “It is almost as if the rally in publicly traded stocks in the legal cannabis sector was too much for the AG to bear,” said Leslie Bocskor, president of Electrum Partners.  READ MORE
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    Industry Insiders Share Their Perspectives on 2017, And...
    "The selection of Nevada’s own GB Sciences to manage the medical cannabis operation at Louisiana State University has the potential to significantly advance cannabis research for the betterment of the entire industry." READ MORE
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    2018 marijuana predictions from top industry leaders
    “The story for 2018 will be California, said Leslie Bocskor, President of Electrum Partners.” READ MORE
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    Bitcoin offers the cannabis industry an alernative to banks
    "We're seeing there are fewer risks with blockchain transactions than with your normal credit card," said Leslie Bocskor, president of Electrum Partners. READ MORE
  • Legal Weed is Coming to New Jersey
    “When you look at the numbers including the population of New Jersey and the areas around it you’re talking about a market about the size of California,” said Leslie Bocskor at Electrum Partners.  READ MORE


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    Leslie Bocskor

    Most folks in the cannabis industry for any length of time know Bocskor by face, name and for his exuberant laugh and immaculate three-piece suits. But don’t be fooled by his formidable frame. This Transylvanian-descended Renaissance man does not intimidate, he leads by example by embracing an open source collaborative model unrestricted by time zones and geographies. Bocskor’s boldness enables him to assume a leadership role, mentor, and share the spotlight with other leaders, and fuel the industry’s ascent to a global financial and social phenomenon.
    Bocskor’s insights, expertise, and global stature make him the man who policy makers, investors, and entrepreneurs seek out for future planning and immediate fixing. He is the undisputed choice as the voice on cannabis issues and business, from state-of-the-art technology and best practices, to policy, industry financing and expansion.  Committed to a culture of compassion at Electrum Partners and throughout the industry, he takes pride in ushering in changes that rewrite history, whether it’s the empathic opening of patient access, or the invention of a national innovation funding reset button.
    His far-reaching banking and entrepreneurial experience and inimitable style are bolstered with his knowledge of any cannabis vertical — from domestic and international policy to finding your niche investing opportunity, from supercritical extraction to ERP solutions, from seed-to-sale to the entourage effect of strategic business integration. Bocskor has become one of the most influential people in the cannabis space, guiding policy and reform.

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    Adam Cohen
    Senior Vice President, Business Development
    Adam Cohen is the Senior Vice President of Business Development at Electrum Partners. Mr. Cohen is responsible for new opportunity analysis, client onboarding, account management and business process relating to sales and deal flow in the business advisory services practice. Additionally, Mr. Cohen helps lead Investor relations for the Electrum Fund and its New Member Onboarding. Since the inception of Electrum Partners in 2012, Mr. Cohen has served as advisor and consultant, helping to evaluate and run due diligence on hundreds of potential cannabis investments and the teams behind them. 
    Prior to joining Electrum Partners, Mr. Cohen was instrumental in growing sales, marketing and business development at globally recognized firms including Microsoft, Adobe, Webtrends, GoodData and Merant (now Serana). With more than 20 years of experience, Mr. Cohen has overseen relationship development and business growth with brands such as Hewlett Packard, Disney, Intuit, Caesars Entertainment, Nike, National Football League, CBS/cNet, Alaska Airlines, P&G, FedEx and The New York Times, among many others. 
    Mr. Cohen brings deep expertise in web analytics and optimization, digital customer management, engagement and conversion, social and mobile customer programs, conversion, monetization, and big data driven marketing and interaction across the full gamut of Omni-channel customer touch. He joins Electrum Partners to reunite with Leslie Bocskor, with whom he started his career at Lehman Brothers over 30 years ago in the Retail Brokerage business unit, where they together received early exposure to the equities markets and capital formation. 
    Mr. Cohen graduated with a BS from DePaul University in Chicago, IL. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife and three children and is avid volunteer for Boy Scouts of America with his sons. 
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    Paul Madoff
    Senior Vice President Operations and IT

    Paul Madoff is the Senior Vice President of Operations and IT at Electrum Partners, bringing operational critical thinking coupled with high level technical execution to Electrum Partners’ leadership team, clients and partners. Known for large scale project management and spearheading complex business operations, he brings his proven, detail oriented approach to support the company’s growth as the leading advisory firm for investors, entrepreneurs and policy makers in the cannabis business and ecosystem.  

    Prior to joining Electrum Partners, Mr. Madoff directed multi-million dollar initiatives for technology implementation and operations for a portfolio of 61 international and domestic resorts. He brings expertise as a former Information Security Officer in charge of enforcing statewide network policy for West Virginia’s employee network, and success in delivering improved department workflow.

    Mr. Madoff has spearheaded IT projects as varied as scripting an admin interface for Patriot Act interdiction screening to building a website search engine front-end architecture and database for a photographer’s trade organization. He also scripted a peer-reviewed, hardened php/MySQL website system that resulted in the food and educational needs sponsorship of 521 orphaned children in Uganda and Kenya.

    Mr. Madoff graduated with a BA from University of California at Davis. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and is dedicated to making positive change in the world.



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